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trading accounts
there are five choices of trading accounts. Following are the specifications of each:

1. Demo Account

Demo accounts are intended for people who are new to the world of trading, or just opening a trading account. every new registrant is expected to trade on the first demo account to improve his knowledge, before actually plunging. After passing the demo account, it is recommended to open between the next four trading account options.

2. FX & Precious Metal accounts
As the name implies, by opening this trading account, you can trade 19 currency pairs, Gold and Silver. Transactions can be smoother with the help of various trading tools on MT5. Moreover, brokers also provide MT5 Booster that is able to change this popular trading software to be more powerful.

    Leverage 1: 100.
    Minimum Lot Size: 0.1 lot.
    Minimum Deposit of $ 200.
    Account Currency: IDR / USD.
    Spread: starting from 1.6 pips.
    Support: Supported by MT5 Booster, Trading Central, Expert Advisor, VPS, Webtrader Tools.

3. Index account

Index accounts open opportunities for Indonesian traders to benefit from movements in world exchanges. There are Asian indices, American indices, including the Nikkei, Hang Seng, Kospi, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S & P500.

    Account Currency: IDR / USD.
    Floating and Fixed rate options of 10,000 / 12,000.
    Minimum lot size: 0.1.
    Account opening minimum deposit: $ 250.
    Support: MT5 Booster, Trading Central, Expert Advisor, VPS, Webtrader.

4. Futures Commodity Account

allows traders who open trading accounts here to participate in commodity futures trading. Not every broker can get a permit or become a member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX). Unlike the other four trading accounts that may still be found on many brokers; Futures Commodity Accounts are a characteristic of local brokers that are not owned by foreign brokers in general.
It's just that, opening this account requires direct communication with the broker
 توصيات مجانية للعملات
5. Scroll Index & Oil Account

Scroll Index & Oil accounts are provided by traders who want to trade in the Stock and Crude Oil Index without being constrained by restrictions on the futures contract. The difference with the Index Account, here is not available Index Korea (Kospi); on the contrary, traders can participate in reaping profits from oil price movements.
افضل شركات فوركس
    Account Currency: IDR / USD.
    Floating and Fixed rate options of 10,000 / 12,000.
    Minimum lot size 0.1.
    Account opening minimum deposit is $ 250.
    Support: MT5 Booster, Trading Central, Expert Advisor, VPS, Webtrader.

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